5 Things I Love About Sublime Text That Other Editors Don't Have


  • Opens and runs very quickly
  • (Never) really crashes or freezes
  • Even projects with 50-100 files seem to open seamlessly

Speed is very important to my workflow. I can’t stand that feeling of waiting for my editor when my brain is already on to the next step.

##Easy To Customize

  • Package manager - allows you to install extensions to help you develop more efficiently
  • Fetch - Great for fetching things from github
  • Emmet - Amazing for fast front end development
  • Themes - Never locked into how your editor looks
  • Feels like an editor you can program to fit your needs

##Quick Open

  • Uses fuzzy search which allows you to search for files without typing the exact file name
  • Saves time
  • “:” allows you to quickly go to a line

##Overall UI

  • Tabs at top - easy to see what’s open
  • Files/sidebar on left
  • Clean, simple and effective
  • Again, very easy to change the overall colors, UI, and theme based on your preference

##Snippets I’ve been using snippets less these days, but they still have their place in my workflow. The emmet package comes with a lot preloaded I use on a day to day. Sublime is probably the best I’ve seen at making your own snippets, customizing and organizing them.