Competitive Gaming

PVP Live assembles the world’s greatest esports athletes and provides them with a platform to perform at the highest pinnacles of competitive gaming. Polished productions offer the excitement and entertainment of gaming bridged with the intensity and history-making of traditional sports.

Set Design

The PVP Live set design was designed to showcase competitive gamers while being cast by two hosts. Keeping in line with the PVP Live branding, it was aimed to be clean & professional. Working along side with Diesel Displays, the desk was designed to be the main focus.


Depth is very hard to capture on video. When designing the set, it was key to lighting and textures subdued behind the casters.

After sketching out various ideas. I moved on to mocking them up in a 3D modeling program SketchUp. This helped the team envision where the stage elements needed to be placed. We tested out various camera angles as well with this method.

Motion Graphics

Motion Design: Todd Blankenship. Creative/Art Direction: Stephen Herko - Together, Todd and I created the opening for the PVP Live Hearthstone Pro League. HPL was a 16 week league focusing on competitive play in Hearthstone.

App Design

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